Cardinal Rule!

Think of  THE COUNTRY CARDINAL as a gathering place for friends and family… a nice place to visit and stay for as long as you like. The virtual door is always open and the welcome sign in the cyber foyer says, "Nice to see you. Please... come in. Can I offer you an heirloom?"

If a picture makes you smile or a story inspires a lovely thought; if a flower beguiles you or something you see makes you think, "this reminds me of...", then I've met my goals. Everything here comes from my heart and shared life experiences; every word, every thought, every inkling of an idea is part of a whole which makes me me.
Sadly, though, dishonesty is as much a part of human nature as honesty, so to the dishonest I feel compelled to say this...

There are laws that protect intellectual property, and thus, this blog and all the others I love to read. So, please do as I do... ask first and respectfully give credit where credit is due. CARDINAL RULE:
please do the same.

©2011 The Country Cardinal. Images and text are property of The Country Cardinal
unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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