Sunday, July 3, 2011


Nature leads the way in a garden, and one would be well advised to follow. With that in mind, here’s a theory: perfecting timing and alignment are predictable and both can be used to one’s advantage by either seizing a moment or waiting for the next opportunity.

As an example:
Imagine... horses out in the distant pasture... grazing in the cool earliest hours before the heat of the day and what it brings consumes them... the sun on the ascend turning the trees and mountains into silhouettes... rising higher and higher due south blasting its blazing rays on southern-exposed gardens... heading upward, horses heading inward... closing in on the run-in shed... rising even higher, getting even hotter... driving the horses to shelter. Inside. Out of the heat. The horses aligned with the sun. The missed moment. Too late... too hot. Wait for the afternoon's shade to water... to transplant... to spritz any homemade formulas.

Nature. Respect and embrace it. Observe and absorb. Understand your role in it and work in rhythm with it. There is no better fertilizer.
Lime Salad Green

Cherokee Purple
Red Burgundy Okra

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